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Basil responding to touch massage on the hindquarters stretching for a carrot firm stroking a relaxing stretch click to enlarge

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Equine Massage In Deeside and Aberdeenshire and Across Scotland

Bonding: Debbie massaging her own horse Basil

Equine massage is increasingly recognised as an important part of a practical and natural approach to horse, pony and donkey care. Professional and recreational horse owners in all disciplines use it to improve performance, increase mobility and range of motion and free up the horse's poll, neck, shoulders, hindquarters and back.

Whatever your riding interest . . .

Equine massage can benefit your horse, whether your interest is cross country, dressage, driving, endurance, eventing, leisure riding, polo, pony or riding club activities, showjumping, showing, or western riding.

Benefits of equine massage

Horse massage can reduce stiffness on the right or left rein and increase looseness and swing in the back. Resultant increases in suppleness and relaxation facilitate rhythm, impulsion and straightness.

Massage also helps with healing, pain relief, recuperation and relaxation so it is especially valuable for horses on box rest and sensitive or stressed horses. Whether you want to maintain a mature horse in work, offset the knock-on effects of minor injuries or reduce the risk of injuries occurring, massage can help.

Equine Massage boosts circulation, which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to muscles and hastens the elimination of wastes and toxic build up; improves flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion and can enhance competitive performance. By using a consistent massage therapy regime, you can improve your horse's performance, confidence and overall quality of life. Massage can help the horse and handler bond and Debbie will pass on some techniques you can use, geared specifically to you and your horse.

Massaging a horse before and after competition can result in an improvement in performance and more rapid recovery from exertion.

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