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Debbie Joy   EThPK, DSM, DIHM

Deeside Massage - Massage Therapy for People

Deeside massage - massage for people

Debbie has a treatment room at her home in Deeside or she can bring massage to you. She takes the same care to plan your individual massage as she does with equines.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an upper body treatment which can be done seated and through clothes so it travels well and can be done very successfully in a quiet spot at your yard or home. The neck, shoulder, back, arms and hands are all included. It is a fantastic way to loosen up and ease stiff muscles and joints and is great for rebalancing your energy levels. Indian head massage can relax, de-stress and energise so it works well whether you need to unwind or spring into action.

A full treatment can take 45 minutes whilst 15 -20 minute focussed sessions are also highly effective. Indian Head Massages can be included in Debbie's visit by arrangement. Indian Head Massage is also available at Debbie's treatment room, either seated or on the massage couch, using high-quality massage waxes on the skin.

Holistic Massage

In addition to Indian Head Massage, Debbie provides a range of other treatments at her home, from a full body massage for relaxation and pampering to massages for body zones. Massage for people has similar benefits to equine massages, helping with:

For more information on the treatments available why not visit Debbie's other website at Deeside Massage

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