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a light touch for work on the jaw enjoying this will help a horse relax for grooming and clipping work on the flexors and extensors of the forelimb sleeping through a leg stretch Tapotement
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Debbie Joy   EThPK, DSM, DIHM

Debbie's personal experiences of riding, horses and equine massage

Debbie's horse responds to touch

Debbie rode regularly as a child, starting at six years old and like so many others giving up riding due to the priorities of adult life in her late teens. Her vocation for many years was occupational therapy. She started riding again in 1996. Her interest in horses deepened and she kept up her riding when living overseas. Regular volunteering with Riding for the Disabled in Australia for four years sowed the seeds of somehow combining her skills as a health professional with her love of horses. In 2007 those unfulfilled early dreams of “a pony” became the reality of ownership in the shape of a heavyweight cob – followed by the discovery of equine massage therapy.

Her own horse appreciates her new abilities. Since their partnership began, their understanding of each other has deepened and he has made steady progress, training with a British Dressage regional trainer. There are no quick fixes in horse care and riding, but since having regular massage there has been a surge of improvement in several areas:

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