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Aztec with a definite spring in his step Finger kneading at Cloudy’s poll to influence head carriage Kerry took up this stance
during massage to her loin Danika - a yearling relaxing and responding Bruno relaxing
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Debbie Joy   EThPK, DSM, DIHM



Update on Aztec after his massage (on Saturday)….

Tuesday, lesson with Niamh Meehan – I have a flat work lesson with Niamh every two weeks and haven’t previously been able to complete the whole hour, Aztec was getting tired and muscle sore after about 40 minutes and it was clearly difficult for him to bend. Last night, we did the whole hour and he actually seemed to enjoy the work. His bend was much better on both reins and was using his back more. I didn’t initially tell Niamh that he’d had a massage, I wanted her to tell me if she saw a difference or not and she definitely did, she said the change in him was remarkable, even in his attitude – she felt that he couldn’t be bothered previously but last night was much more willing. I then told her about you, what you had found and the difference I had felt.

So, Debbie, thank you so much! A resounding success story….


I have seen a difference in Aztec since his (2nd) massage on Saturday! We did the dressage test on Sunday and he was completely full of himself, I’ve never known him to be so forward... I’ve attached a photo which shows him with a definite spring in his step – this was just prior to our test.

Thanks again Debbie

Silvia Smith, owner of Aztec

Debbie was always prompt and was flexible with appointments. She was thorough in her initial assessments and reassessing prior to each session. She was always careful to explain what she was doing at each stage of the process, related her observations to my pony's current work and environment and encouraged me to feel his different muscles to illustrate this. There was an observable increase in my pony's level of relaxation during the session and he evidently enjoyed them. Debbie never complained about having to work on a sometimes muddy and shaggy pony and treated him as she would have treated a racehorse!

Alison Salter, owner of Bruno

When Cloudy had his massages, he was about 16 years old and pretty laid back most of the time. However I had had him for 11 years and he was used only to being handled by me or my daughter for the most part. He did not have any physical problems, except that like a lot of horses he was a bit stiffer on one rein (the left) than on the other.

At the beginning of the first session he spent a few minutes being a bit fidgety as though saying who is this person and what on earth is she doing to me? However after the first few minutes his attitude changed, eyelids started to droop as did lower lip and he became completely relaxed about the whole thing, occasionally looking round to see what was happening. He had several sessions with Debbie, only stopping because I had to move yards.

Although as I said he did not have any serious muscular problems, he did after the sessions loosen up on the left rein, and also seemed to have a more relaxed head carriage.

Angela Horrod, owner of Cloudy

I feel your manner and approach is fantastic, you are extremely understanding towards my horses, one being quite opinionated being a older mare (Kerry) who knows her own mind, and the other being a yearling (Danika) who equally thinks she knows it all, with all 17 months of opinions, most being friendly ones!

I found in particular each session with Kerry extremely interesting, showing improvements in her at each session. Her first reaction to the massage was quite strong and extremely communicative when you used a slightly stronger touch, and then as each session progressed, she started to feel better in herself and trust what you were doing ... there was a marked improvement and she knew what you were there to do... Finally, the last session was fantastic, I was delighted with her reactions, you were really able to use a much stronger touch and she completely gave her body and communicated exactly what she wanted - hence photo with stretched leg!

I feel your approach, understanding and empathy with Kerry was fantastic, and you were able to explain to me all the way through what you were doing which I really appreciated and enjoyed, even in the cold stable!

As for Danika, it was a great experience for her, I especially liked the way you contacted her referral vet, in relation to the injury and when I spoke with him at a routine visit, he spoke highly of you and had no hesitation with you working on her. Again you were very thoughtful to her needs and her education. I reiterate that it was a great experience for her which I much appreciate.

I look forward to having you treat both my horses in the future and can only thank you for the experience on their behalf and mine!

Tracy Ingram, owner of Kerry and Danika

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